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Started in September 2010, the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation has conducted Project Opportunity, a FREE ten week entrepreneurship training program for veterans who wish to start their own business each fall on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Project Opportunity is a free entrepreneurship training program designed solely for veterans who want to start their own business. The pre-requisite for veterans who wish to be considered to participate is that they must have a solid idea of what business venture they want to start because the course is designed to develop and complete a business plan instead of just exploring the possibility of entrepreneurship.

Starting in September 2010 years we have successfully conducted this program for 26 veterans all of which are currently pursuing their dream of owning a small business Individuals status range from completing a business plan to actually starting and earning income. Participants have resided in all nine (9) counties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Project Opportunity is a series of workshops planned to provide veterans with assistance in starting their own businesses. The first phase of Project Opportunity is to conduct outreach and educational sessions . These two and a half (2 1/2) hour workshops “Exploring Entrepreneurship” will include a discussion of why the individuals wants to start their own small businesses, characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, an overview of the 11 week training program, and an entrepreneurship self assessment.

The second phase will consist of a one hour assessment conducted either telephonically or in person to determine eligibility for the 3rd phase, Project Opportunity Business Boot Camp, the entrepreneurship training program for veterans who were selected based on the assessment results.

The Business Boot Camp training will take ten weeks. These classes will total thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction, 3 hours per week. A formal graduation ceremony will be held after completion of the ten week training program.

The following topics will be addressed over the course of the eleven weeks: 

  • Week 1 – Assessing Your Business Idea and Business Planning
  • Week 2 – The Marketing Plan and Marketing Analysis
  • Week 3 – Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion
  • Week 4 – Where is the Cash and Managing Money
  • Week 5 – Financial Tips and Tools
  • Week 6 – Selling Success and Networking
  • Week 7 – Business Entities, Accounting Practices, and Government Oversight
  • Week 8 – Management
  • Week 9 – Web Sites and Social Media
  • Week 10 – Overview of Opportunities Available to Veteran Owned Businesses
  • Week 11 – Presentation of Business Concept and Graduation Ceremony


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