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In July 2012 the Wal-Mart Foundation awarded the SACC Foundation a grant in the amount of $25,000.00 to expand Project Opportunity, a regional entrepreneurship training program for veterans residing in the 9 counties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, to other regions within the state of Maryland. 

The grant request was initiated in response to inquiries from veterans who did not reside in the Eastern Shore of Maryland received each year when the recruitment process for Project Opportunity began. These veterans wanted to know why the training was not being offered in other parts of Maryland.

The ability to secure funding from the Wal Mart Foundation for the initial year of expansion will allow us to build partnerships with other funders so that this training will be able to continue at each location. The Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation will work with individuals and organizations to ensure future funding will be available to provide our veterans with an alternative that will allow them to combat the high unemployment rate.

We will actively recruit veterans to become certified NxLevel instructors as we feel it is vital for instructors to understand what these have and are going through in their lives and to able to provide them with support and guidance as they progress through the training

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